Finn Lough

Finn Lough

Back in November me and my partner Rueben took a much-needed getaway to Finn Lough. Many of you may have seen this place as the very Instagram-able bubble domes in Enniskillen, so we headed down to see what all the fuss was about.

On arrival, we were greeted by friendly staff in their lovely reception area where we were handed some glasses of Prosecco in front of a crackling fire while we waiting on our golf buggy to arrive to take us to our bubble dome. Alright I felt relaxed, they had some beautiful spa music playing and the place smelt amazing. (I believe they were using The Handmade Soap Co's diffusers.) Once we finished our Prosecco we headed down to our bubble dome, we were shown where everything was along the way including bike shed, bar, spa and restaurant. After a sort ride on the buggy we made it to our dome and wow it was magical. It was like we had entered our own wee dome in the middle of the woods. The heating was already on when we entered the dome including the heated blanket on the bed (my dream). The room was spacious with comfy chairs, an electric fire heater and dressing gowns ready for us. The bathroom was full of The Handmade Soap Cos products (which I loved using during out stay). In the dome, we also found a star gazing book, ear buds and eye masks, all thing I would have never have throughout bringing which was super helpful. We also had a night light for walking around the lough in the evenings (we will come back to this.)

finn lough bubble dome

Finn Lough has next to no phone service FYI, which for us was perfect for the phone detox we wanted. We had booked into the spa before dinner which we walked over to. Now the spa…. maybe wasn’t for me. They had different rooms that you walked to and stayed in for 15 mins each. They have a salt bath room, a sauna with cold shower, an aromatherapy sauna, then a hot tub and finally a relaxation room. In the first room, we couldn’t work out our timer and long story short we messed up the whole orders of the rooms and spent way too long in the sauna’s. I found it all a bit stressful and I don’t think saunas are for me. If we were to go back I would spend the money on having the bath in the dome rather than go to the spa, but that is just me.

So, we headed back to the dome to get ready for dinner. Remember those night lights, well when we left for the spa it was day light, however now on the way back it was pitch black, and guess what we didn’t bring with us, yes the night lights. So, we ‘slowly’ headed back to the dome. Lesson learnt, BRING NIGHT LIGHT.

We went for dinner at the Barn which was super lovely. The restaurant was so beautiful, very minimal, with a calm environment. The staff where so attentive, making sure we always had drinks. The food was incredible. I honestly don’t know how to describe how good it was. The presentation of the food was like it was out of Disney’s Ratatouille. Each bite was bursting with flavour (think of the fireworks in your mouth scene from the movie). We had starters, main and desert, all as good as the last.

finn lough the barn restaurant

After our meal, we made our way over to the House Bar. We could have honestly lived there. Within this bar there is a small movie theatre and a library. They have a movie playing every night with free popcorn but we decided to relax in the library with the fire crackling.  It was like someone had designed the library just for us with lots of books on Formula 1 (Rueben’s favourite) and Art (my own background), which made it just the perfect place to spend this cold rainy evening. The bar tender was super helpful recommending some beautiful drinks for our evening. This was honestly my favourite part of the trip.

 finn lough library barImage from: Finn Lough Website

After our drinks, we headed back to our dome where we did some star gazing before tucking into bed. The beds where super comfy with lots of blankets, which for me is a must. In the morning, we were brought a hamper of breakfast which included, fresh juice, hot breakfast rolls, yogurt & granola, freshly baked muffins and some fresh fruit. Again, all the food was beautiful. We spent the last of our time here reading and enjoying our time in the dome before check out.

I would highly recommend going to experience this beautiful resort, especially if you are looking that digital detox. We only stayed one night but some of the other things available at Finn Lough include free bike hire, morning yoga classes, fishing, paddle boarding and kayaking.

The perfect couples get away.

- Dearbhail

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