The Chefs Missus

The Chefs Missus

Believe it or not I didn’t just paint things green this month! If you’ve seen our beautifully renovated middle floor recently, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about, she’s definitely green!

Speaking of painting things green, it was so lovely to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day properly again, I called into Henry’s for a big bowl of Irish stew & then made my way across the entries to The Oyster Rooms above White’s Tavern, who serve the best pints of the black stuff in Belfast. - I’m maybe being a little over ambitious by saying we painted the town green but several pints of Guinness were most definitely consumed.

st paddies day belfast

The chef & I took a trip to Derry-Londonderry this month which the weather was absolutely glorious for. This trip, like our last to Dublin, revolved completely around food of course. Our first stop for lunch after getting off the train was Pyke n Pommes, we first visited them 6 years ago when we were last in Derry & couldn’t wait to visit their new restaurant, they started out with a food truck on the riverfront & now they also have a massive restaurant on strand road serving up burgers, tacos & I think the largest cocktail list I’ve ever seen. I went for the Legenderry burger which is most definitely up there with one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten.

We enjoyed a couple of pints in Badgers bar in-between shopping which is also home to the stunning Derry girl’s mural & had a wonderful dinner in El Tapas Grá who pride themselves on using the best of homegrown Irish ingredients. I ordered all of the cheese & the service was fab, although we clearly over ordered as we left feeling so full! But we couldn’t resist as everything on the menu sounded so delicious, the stars were definitely the tandoori chicken sticks with Indian pesto & the Chargrilled lamp chops.

We enjoyed far too many sunshine spritzes & after dinner cocktails in The Blackbird so on our 2nd evening we visited mandarin palace. The most elaborately decorated sit in Chinese where we were served massive portions (not complaining) & gorgeous strawberry daiquiris- sorted our wee hangovers right out. We did do our lottery numbers from our fortune cookies but unfortunately we didn’t win the so the team at Born & Bred will have to stick me a while longer.

We did take ourselves for a walk around the city walls to burn off all our eating & drinking!

Before catching the train home, we headed to Nonnas for a late lunch who serve up the most gorgeous wood fired pizzas, we went for the pure Derry pizza which I was sold on as soon as I spied the tobacco onions topping, of course washed down with a final Aperol spritz to finish off the holiday.

The train was such a beautiful way to travel to Derry with stunning views of Mussenden temple & Benone strand & was a lovely way to take a break from driving.

Of course, with the spring sunshine coming out the Chef has dusted down the BBQ, which I’m sure most gals are aware that means doing 80% percent of the dinner prep & getting none of the credit but sure we’ll enjoy it all the same.

- Becca

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