Pretty Much Me Box
Pretty Much Me Box
wee cup of tea pink mug
wee cheeky gin pink mug
Pretty Much Me Box
Pretty Much Me Box

Pretty Much Me Box

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This box will bring you from morning to night whilst you spend time at home.

Have your morning, mid-morning, nearly not morning, noon (do you see where we are going with this lol) cup of Titanic Tea out of your 'Wee cup of Tea' enamel mug. Then as 5 pm hits you can switch it up and put your fav Gin in your 'Cheeky wee Gin' enamel mug and top it off with some of Northern Irelands best Honeycomb.

The Honeycomb can also be eaten as a mid-afternoon snack. (no one will ever find out lol)



Box contains 

'Wee Cup of Tea' enamel mug

'Cheeky Wee Gin" enamel mug

40 'Titanic Tea' tea bags

Aunt Sandras Honeycomb


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