Hearty Growers was launched in 2021 by husband and wife duo Terry and Judy. Furloughed during the pandemic, Terry found himself at home, at a loose end, and looking for a new adventure. 

      With Terry's enthusiasm for gourmet mushroom growing, and Born and Bred founder Linzi's love of cooking, Hearty Growers and Born & Bred were a match made in mushroom heaven. And so, one pandemic later, the Hearty Growers x Born & Bred mushroom growing kit was born!


      Your kit contains rich oyster mushroom spawn, hardwood dust, and natural supplements like spent coffee, straw, wheat bran; anything we can reuse to reduce waste. 

      Mushrooms will start to 'fruit' after a week of opening your box and your kit produces 1 - 2 harvests.


      This grow kit is the perfect gift for Father's Day, Kids Birthdays, House Warming present and for any budding grower! 

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