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Bailies Ethiopia Hunkute Coffee

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Located in the Wonsho district with two separate wet mills that collect cherries from around 2000 smallholder farmers in the neighbouring villages. Fertile soil, a local mix of heirloom varieties and good altitude together with the use of organic fertilizer gives this coffee a beautiful sweetness and pronounced aroma.
Their coffee is grown organically.


Cherries are collected in one of the 2 mills of Hunkute cooperative, washed and cleaned from all imperfections. The skin is then removed using disk pulper machines and the beans are then fermented for around 24 hours.
Afterwards, they are washed in washing channels and soaked in clean, running water for a few hours. The beans are then taken to raised beds where they are slowly dried until they reach 11.5% moisture (approx. 12-16 days).
After drying, the beans are left to rest for about a month before milling and transport to Djibouti takes place.

Roasted in Northern Ireland.